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Bermans Funding Solutions

SME’s do you…

• Need funding?

• Have disputes or debts and are not sure where to turn?

• Value your Intellectual Property as an asset of your business?


Accountants do you…

• Have clients with funding needs?

• Have clients with debts or disputes and need help to improve their cash flow?

• Have clients who need help identifying or valuing their Intellectual Property?

Or, are you…

A funder looking for a ‘shop window’ and greater client reach?

If so, Bermans Funding Solutions, a new suite of funding services bespoke to SME and advisory markets is your answer.


This new funding platform is the ideal solution for SME’s and funders alike, creating a ‘shop window’ and greater reach for funders whilst also providing a live time comparison site of competing funders for SME’s to ‘shop around’ for the funding best suited to your needs.

Capitalise for Business

This funding comparison web platform simplifies the search process and uses the latest technology to generate objective, intelligent matches for you and your business.

What are the benefits?

• Access to funding from 80 plus lenders in less than 3 minutes

• Access a wide range of business funding from asset finance to property finance and peer to peer lending

• Live time access to your Capitalise account to track the progress of your application, check your loan status and choose the lender that’s right for you

• Collaborate with others by inviting your accountant or advisor to submit information and documents on your behalf or have them manage the entire process for you

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Capitalise for Accountants and Advisors

As an Accountant or Business Advisor, you can now add value to your business by giving your clients access to the funding they need with this funding partnership platform. You can also benefit from Bermans Gold Partner relationship with Capitalise.

What are the benefits?

• Commission revenue association via Bermans gold partner with Capitalise

• Enjoy a quick decision process with access to over 80 lenders in less than 3 minutes

• Save time by submitting applications to multiple lenders simultaneously

• Add value to client relationship

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Capitalise for Funders

As a Broker or Funder we can also obtain visibility for you on the Capitalise platform helping you to improve your geographic and sector reach.

Currently there are 80 plus lenders accessible offering the following types of lending:

• Asset Finance

• Invoice Finance

• Working Capital Finance

• Merchant Cash Advance

• Property Finance

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Allows you to litigate a dispute through the courts without having:


• To fund it yourself

• The cost risk of losing

• To pay a lawyer a penny (except where you win, when you only pay a pre-agreed fixed percentage of 30% of your damages that you recover.)

What debts/disputes are covered?

• Old and new disputes

• Claims above £25,000 in value

What are the benefits?

• Clear timetable

• No risk

• No win no fee with lawyers

• All costs funded

• Insurance cover for the risk of losing

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Vip Audit is a service which enables you to value, protect, and exploit your Intellectual Property (intangible assets that sit within your business such as brand and reputation and your trademarks and patents.)

‘If we can identify it then we can then protect it; if it is protected the value increases; if you have something that is protected and valued then you can extract or exploit it’.

What are the benefits?

• Accurately report the value of your IP on your balance sheet, adding value to your business

• Raise funding or extract wealth on the basis of your IP portfolio being identified as a new asset

• Identify IP assets on which you may be able to take advantage of tax incentives

• Identify new income streams for your business

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Contact Nick Harvey to arrange a demo to find out how your business can benefit:

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