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AI to take minor judicial decisions in the future

Adrian FryerThe recent fast-paced developments in artificial intelligence (spearheaded by ChatGPT) has had workers across a wide variety of sectors looking nervously over their shoulders and considering the long-term impact this technology is likely to have on job security.  In some areas, including administrative tasks and customer service, the impact is already clear to see. In others, it has, seemingly, yet to bite.

The judiciary is one of the areas where, you would think, the impact of AI has yet been felt. However, The Master of the Rolls, Sir Geoffrey Vos, has acknowledged that it may play a role in future judicial rulings. He has said in a speech that he believes machines and Artificial Intelligence “may also, at some stage, be used to take some (at first, very minor) decisions.” He gave examples of commercial and compensation claims, but emphasised AI is never likely to be used in intensely personal disputes, such as child custody arrangements.

This statement is important as it provides yet another indication that AI is going to change ways of working across all sectors in the coming years. Businesses need to be ready for it.

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