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OMG! Emoji!

You know those buttons at places like airports and service stations that customers can press to show that they feel happy, unhappy, or indifferent about the service they have received? Well, it seems that Sports Direct has implemented something similar to discover how staff feel about the working conditions at one of its warehouses.

The organisation has come in for some criticism in recent times, and this idea is reported to be one of a number of measures put in place. According to the Guardian, workers are asked to use a touchpad to select a ‘happy’ or a ‘sad’ emoji. Sad emojis trigger an invitation to discuss the problem.

We are all for open channels of communication between employers and employees, and if this sort of system is well thought out and it works for organisations and for individuals then that can only be a good thing for ongoing relations.

The benefits of employee engagement are well documented. Those who feel that they are a valued part of an organisation tend to repay their employer in loyalty, productivity and, ultimately, profitability. Situations can be improved; problems tackled. And while meaningful consultation and a willingness to act on employee feedback will require an investment on an employer’s part, the potential benefits of this are there for the taking.