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Employment Law: Are you managing your millennials properly

adrian_fryerAre you managing your millennials properly? Natalie Salunke, Head of Legal, Europe at Fleetcor, and a millennial herself, has written an article on this topic. ‘Millennial’ is a term used to describe the generation born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s. Whilst recognising that everyone is different, Ms Salunke offers her views on how to get the best out of millennials at work.

She says millennials are often more motivated by the work than by money. Millennials have grown up in a culture of immediacy due to the internet and social media. They expect performance to lead to advancement. They can get bored easily and benefit from varied work with wide ranging experiences. They are ‘addicted to regular validation’ and recognition from managers and peers. They want a good work-life balance.

Everyone is different, but these ideas from Salunke could arguably benefit all workers:

  • If the business allows, consider rotating employees around departments, so they don’t feel ‘stuck’ and learn about the business as a whole;
  • Feedback is vital: build in regular one to one meetings and additional developmental reviews to the usual appraisal calendar;
  • Empower employees to find innovative solutions to workplace issues: involve them in new projects or investigating new technologies;
  • Consider flexible working arrangements for staff to help with work life balance;
  • Create a culture which values and rewards hard work and achievement and offers varied training opportunities.