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Fee Earner Focus: Q&A – Alissa Marsh, Asset Based Lending

Alissa Marsh (pictured below), joined Bermans in January 2017 as a solicitor working across both of our Asset Finance and Invoice Finance departments.

Alissa Marsh

1. Can you give us a brief summary of your career so far?

My route to being a finance lawyer was rather circuitous; I trained at a boutique commercial property firm in Manchester, qualifying during the banking crisis. After running away to Australia for a couple of years, I returned to Manchester and worked in various roles at Santander, ending up in their legal documentation team. I moved back into private practice into a banking team before moving to Bermans to specialise in Invoice Finance and Asset Finance work

2. What area of the law do you specialise in and why?

I didn’t set out with the intention to be a finance lawyer, but I love the transactional nature of the work and thrive under the pressure leading up to the completion of deals. Bermans has such a great reputation for Asset Based Lending work and I love being a part of that.

3. Is there a case or a particular piece of work you were proud to be involved with, if so why?

Over the last 18 months I’ve worked closely with one client helping them to adapt an existing product for use with a new set of customers. It was really great to collaborate with them in tailoring their documents to create something new. I was so proud when that first deal completed for them!

4. Away from the law what are your interests and passions?

Like most lawyers I have a keen interest in alcohol and I’m a bit of a wine geek. I also love live music and theatre and, when the world’s not broken, I love to travel and have grand plans to flashpack across Vietnam, Bali and anywhere that will have me as soon as possible.




Bullet Round

Sports & Teams Supported: If I say anything other than Liverpool, my husband might divorce me (but if I say anything other than United, my family might disown me!)

Films (Top 3): The Lion King (the cartoon version, not the CGI rubbish released recently), Superbad and The Greatest Showman

Music (3 tracks to take on Desert Island):

The Courteeners – Not Nineteen Forever: this song reminds me of dancing in muddy fields with friends at festivals

The 1975 – Robbers: I got engaged at a The 1975 gig in Las Vegas whilst they were singing this song, it will always be special to me

Kings of Leon – Cold Desert: favourite song by my favourite band, I’ve seen Kings of Leon live 15+ times all across the world.

Boxsets: My lockdown favourites have been Lucifer, The Good Place, The Boys and Flack.

Podcasts you listen to/recommend: I love listening to comedy podcasts and end up getting strange looks when I am walking down the street laughing to myself. The titles are very NSFW but I will say that two of my favourites are co-hosted by Radio 1 DJs…

Meal: I went on holiday (when those were a thing) to a small town in Corfu a couple of years ago and spent the week eating the nicest Greek food so I would have to say the Sofrito and Saganaki from there

Holiday destination: Nashville – Music City lives up to its name; there is great live music everywhere, the people are friendly, the bourbon is plentiful and the BBQ is out of this world!

Favourite book: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak, it’s a book about a girl fostered in Nazi Germany learning to read. And Death narrates the story.

3 people for a dinner party and why?

Nigella Lawson to cook the dinner, Barack Obama to provide the dinner conversation and Freddie Mercury to entertain us afterwards


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