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Free legal audit for your business

We frequently advise business owners on disputes that arise due to poorly drafted contracts, outdated documentation or business relationships in which the terms have never been documented in writing – leading to confusion between the parties as to what the actual terms are. These disputes can prove costly and time consuming for businesses of any size.

Once these disputes have arisen, business owners will often ‘kick themselves’ for not reviewing their contracts for years or letting relationships form without any formal written documentation but, as with many things in life, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

We don’t want our clients to be exposed to disputes. We are therefore offering a free legal audit to business owners to pre-empt any issues that are on the horizon. As part of the audit one of our experienced solicitors will meet with you and get a feel for your business and your concerns. Typical areas worth reviewing include:

  • Company formation – is your organisation formed properly and do your formation documents reflect the business and how it is run? We will review your Articles of Association and Shareholders Agreement to determine whether they are fit for purpose in the context of your particular business.
  • Property documents – are you a land owner or party to a lease? Do you understand the key terms in your documents relating to repair, rent reviews, occupation? We can review your property documents and report to you on these matters, ensuring you are well-placed to meet any obligations or deadlines.
  • Staff – do you employ people? Do you have robust contracts in place for your senior team members with restrictive covenants that are likely to stand up to challenge? Are you giving all employees the basic information required by law? We can review your HR documentation.
  • Contracts with suppliers and customers – are these documented? Do you understand the terms? Again, we are happy to meet with you to understand how these relationships operate and how best to document them to protect your position.
  • Policies – are yours up to date? The law in areas such as data protection is ever changing – do your policies reflect the latest changes? We are happy to sense check these to make sure they are accurate.
  • Recurring legal issues – are there any issues your business encounters regularly, or which you think might arise in the future, that you would benefit from advice or guidance on?

If you would like to take up this offer, please contact Andrew Koffman.