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GP Practice: New to Partnership Payment

I have been asked by a GP Practice client to advise on the New to Partnership Payment which is a £20,000 payment to new Doctors (and others) who join a GP practice as a partner and is referred to in the Update issued 6th February 2020 (sections 2.14 – 2.16).  NHS England Update to the GP contract agreement 2020/21 – 2023/24

Although the details are not yet fully decided by NHS England, and detailed guidance is yet to be provided, based on the Update, the payment is payable where:

  • Whilst stated to be intended to attract new doctors into GP Practice, it applies to all new partners who have never before been a partner in any practice
  • It will apply to any person who becomes a partner with effect from 1st April 2020
  • It will be provided as a one off payment in the form of a loan with the intention that at the point which the Partner has remained a partner for an as yet unspecified period (tbc by NHS), the loan will be written off
  • The practice will reclaim the payment from NHS England together with specified training costs
  • This will not need to be dealt with within a Partnership Deed or Deed of Adherence (where the partner signs up to an existing Deed), but in the event a partner leaves early and any repayment or part repayment is triggered, it is important to ensure that the Partnership Deed does contain provision for the partnership to reclaim or set off any monies owed and that would include this payment.

It is early days yet but there could be a problem if a new partner joins, benefits from the payment and then leaves before NHS England have fully worked out the process as practices will not know what if anything to reclaim on the partner’s departure.


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