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Mediation – a less costly way of resolving civil disputes


The Law Gazette recently shared this article titled ‘Low-cost Manchester mediation pilot aims to ‘fill a gap’ which discusses a new initiative involving the launch of new a pilot scheme encouraging mediation as a less costly way of resolving civil disputes.

Nick Harvey Partner and Head of Litigation, comments on this recent article, whilst discussing Bermans new dispute resolution product – Escalate.

“Completely agree with this initiative. It is for this reason that the Escalate process is totally focused on mediation that involves strong pragmatic commercial negotiation utilising industry experts. How does the Escalate process differ though?  We recognise the cash flow impact of a dispute so target a quick resolution within 3 months for our clients. If we are unable to get a mediated solution in this time frame then our clients know we will instantly ‘escalate’ their case into a litigation process and importantly Escalate covers all the costs associated with this. Escalate clients pay nothing unless they have a successful recovery and we always ensure they are main beneficiaries of an award.

Amazing how powerful mediation can be when the defendants know your clients are already fully funded and insured for litigation if needed.   Escalate recently took over a case that had been stuck in a 12 month legal process with lawyers, and was able to mediate a get a head of terms agreement within just 6 weeks.   The power of the Escalate process is helping to turn the defendant led market back into the control of the claimants and give access to justice to SMEs by removing the financial risk.”

If you’d like to know more about escalate and how it can help you, please contact Nick Harvey.