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Post-Covid World: Debt Recovery (Webinar Event)

This 60 minute webinar will take place at 10am on Tuesday 26th April 2022.

The session will focus on tips to ensure that your invoices are paid and some steps you can take to protect yourself and to recover outstanding debts.

The main topics that we plan to cover are:

  • Impact of Covid-19
  • Debt collection checklist
  • Pre-Court procedures – What you can do
  • Going legal – what are your options

The presentations will take no more than 45 minutes allowing for some questions at the end. You are welcome to submit any questions you have in advance.

Andrew Koffman & Claire McDonnell are also available for private one-on-one discussions after the event and can be contacted on the email addresses above to arrange.

Bermans special offer to attendees!

Bermans will review your business’s credit control policy and design an updated policy tailored to suit your requirements, completely free of charge.


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Andrew Koffman & Claire McDonnell