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Tee-ing off at 10am? – remote working and the rise in demand for daytime leisure activities

Adrian Fryer

Adrian Fryer

And finally, the New York Times has reported on an indirect economic benefit being felt in the USA as it embraces a post-COVID remote working culture: a surge in demand for daytime cosmetics, pampering and leisure services.

The report cites examples of 55 people playing golf at Chelsea Pier before 4pm on a Monday afternoon and customers holding zoom meetings whilst having their hair done.

The picture is likely to be similar in the UK. This is great news for the leisure industry. The amount of time people could devote to leisure was previously constrained by the 9 to 5 grind. The flexibility of remote working means that employees are pushing back work into the evening and taking leisure time during the day. From an employer’s perspective there are undoubtedly benefits to embracing these possibilities in terms of engagement and wellbeing but, if the relaxation of the working day is taken too far, they could struggle to get employees back to their desks at all!!

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