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The Power of Podcasts


Article by Guy Kilty,  Founder of Dap Dip podcast production and experienced journalist, broadcaster & podcaster.

As you may have heard, podcasts are booming.

The number of people in the UK listening to them every week has doubled to six million over the last five years, and it’s not going to stop there.

Globally, listener numbers are forecast to grow more than six-fold over the next four years to more than 1.8 billion, on top of all that, the rise in popularity of branded podcasts – those that are backed by companies – has been marked.

Selfridges, McDonald’s and General Electric are just three big brands to have published podcasts in the last couple of years with great success.

Each has generated millions of downloads and listeners who connect and identify with the brand as a result, and all three are committed to producing more podcasts in the future.

But, for every podcast success story, there are just as many failures, and there’s a simple reason why.

Podcast listeners are perfectly happy to consume content that has been paid for by a big brand.

They don’t, however, want that brand to try and sell them its products.

Listeners love content that is funny, engaging, well-produced and, above all, authentic.

That’s why the third season of Selfridges’ Hot Air podcast told stories about sustainability in the food, fashion and beauty industries, winning Best Branded Podcast at the recent British Podcast Awards.

It’s why General Electric’s podcast The Message – which has been downloaded more than five million times – featured scientists talking about how they decode messages from outer space.

It’s also why McDonald’s told the tale of how its best intentions went awry when it tried to bring back its Szechuan Sauce.

Creating a successful podcast that connects with a sizeable and loyal audience is perfectly possible for any business, and Dap Dip can help yours do just that.

Founded by Guy Kilty, who’s spent most of the last decade producing and presenting programmes and podcasts for BBC radio 5 live, Dap Dip can take you right through the process of creating your podcast, from developing the initial idea right though to recording, publication and marketing.

Your brand could benefit hugely from producing the right podcast.

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