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Fee Earner Focus: Q&A – Sophie Robertson (Employment)

Sophie Robertson

Sophie Robertson

Sophie Robertson (pictured), qualified as a Solicitor in September 2019 and joined Bermans upon qualification as a Solicitor in the Employment team in Liverpool.

1. Can you give us a brief summary of your career so far?

After graduating with a Law degree from Lancaster University, I studied the LPC at the BBP Law School in Liverpool. I then worked as a Paralegal at a national law firm before commencing my training contract. Upon completion of my training contract, I joined Bermans as a newly qualified solicitor in the Employment team in 2019.

2. What area of the law do you specialise in and why?

I specialise in Employment Law. I decided to qualify into Employment law because of the vast range of work that I could be involved in. Every day in the Employment team can be different and my daily tasks can include drafting contracts, providing HR advice, tribunal litigation and supporting the corporate team on their transactions.

Employment law allows me to be involved in both contentious and non-contentious work, so it keeps every day interesting.

3. Is there a case or a particular piece of work you were proud to be involved with, if so why?

There is no greater feeling that successfully defending or bringing an Employment Tribunal claim for your client and I am proud to have had the opportunity to work on some complex matters with a wide range of clients in my career so far. This year I have had some successful outcomes for our clients, one tribunal was regarding a Coronavirus Job Retention scheme claim brought against one of our clients by a group of employees which I was successfully able to defend.

4. Away from the law what are your interests and passions?

I am a newly appointed puppy mum of a Cavapoo called Maeve, so most of my weekends are filled with dog walks and exploring the countryside. However, when I am not on puppy duty, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and enjoy musical theatre (watching not partaking, I am not much of a singer)

I also love to travel, and I have a bucket list of destinations that I am waiting to visit. I think Vietnam and Cambodia will be next on the agenda.

Bullet Round

Films (Top 3):

Home Alone lost in New York – one of my favourite Christmas films I watch it every year. I visited New York at Christmas and made a stop at the Plaza Hotel.

The Harry Potter films – I think like every other millennial we grew up with the films and we are all still waiting for our letter inviting us to Hogwarts.

12 Years a Slave – I thought this was a very powerful film with a harrowing storyline.

Music (3 tracks/albums to take on Desert Island):

Ed Sheeran – Divide Album

The Courteeners – Not Nineteen Forever

The Killers – Mr Brightside

These songs just remind of good times with friends and would be bound to liven up my time on a desert island!


I have seen too many good series to pick a favourite, but some that I have particularly enjoyed are The Good Wife (the drama of a US courtroom is not quite like my day-to-day job), Homeland, Prison Break and Peaky Blinders.

Gilmore Girls is also my guilty pleasure; it is a witty comedy about a mother and daughter duo that I have seen over and over again, along with every episode of Friends.

Podcasts you listen to: 

I enjoy listening to comedy podcasts, “off menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster” is a great listen, as is “have a word with Adam Rowe & Dan Nightingale”. It’s always good to have a belly laugh. When I am not listening to a comedy though, I do enjoy a true crime podcast “Crime Show” and “In the Dark” are both gripping.

Favourite books:

I really enjoy reading and will read most genres, but thriller/action and adventure novels are my favourite. The Jack Reacher series was a really good read and I have recently finished “Blood Orange” by Harriet Tyce which had a fantastic twist at the end.


I would definitely describe myself as a foodie so this is a difficult one, but I think if forced to choose I would pick it would be anything Thai. Unless of course dessert is an option then my choice is a Lemon cheesecake.

Holiday destination:

I love to travel and one my favourite places to date would be Singapore. It is a real balance of city life and culture. You can visit the amazing Marina Bay Sands which has that modern city life feel, but then just around the corner there are hidden Hawker markets selling local food. It is a must visit place and if you get chance having a Singapore Sling cocktail at Raffles is a great experience.

If you could do anything other than being a Lawyer, what would you be and why?

I would be a giraffe keeper at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya! Although their days do start at around 3am so perhaps I am not best suited and I could be a traveling hotel critic instead!

3 people for a dinner party and why?

Lee Evans for the laughs, Michelle Obama, and the Queen because who would not want to have dinner with the Queen!

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