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Fee Earner Focus: Q&A with Tom Simpson (Property)

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson (pictured), joined Bermans in 2023 and is a Partner in our Property team. We spoke to him to learn more about him and his interests and work.

1.Can you give us a brief summary of your career so far?

I studied law at Leeds Metropolitan University and also attended law school there.

I qualified as a solicitor in 2013 specialising in residential and commercial property.

I began my career at a high street practice local to me where I gained an excellent training which provided me the platform to build my career as a solicitor.

I moved to a law firm based in the city centre in January 2019 heading up the residential property department there.

In March 2023 I joined Bermans as a partner in its Commercial Property & Construction Department.

2. What area of the law do you specialise in and why?

I specialise in Commercial & Residential Property. Why? When studying/training I took an interest in property law. I enjoy the transactional nature of property law and dealing with different people from different backgrounds.

When I qualified in 2013, I hadn’t done much property work. The firm I worked for had purchased another law firm in the local area. I was tasked with heading up that department and bringing it in line with the rest of the firm. It was sink or swim. Thankfully I swam!

3. Is there a case or a particular piece of work you were proud to be involved with, if so why?

Since joining Bermans I have been heavily involved in assisting the Asset Based Lending department with the property aspects of certain transactions. I have not been involved with his type of work previously, but I really enjoy it. It is fast paced and interesting.  We recently completed an asset based lending facility for a client worth in excess of £65m in a short space of time. I was pleased to be involved in it.

4. Away from the law what are your interests and passions?

My family and my two young children.

I am interested in watching and playing both football and golf. I like to listen to music. I have found out over the years that I like gardening (surprisingly).

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Sports & Teams Supported:

Football – I play most weeks and still love it despite being over the hill and past my best. I use football as my “release” from the pressures of life.

Golf – I play socially throughout the Spring and Summer. Golf is probably the hardest game I have ever played. Incredibly frustrating but one good shot makes it all worthwhile.

Manchester United – Being from Manchester it was either blue or red. Thankfully red was the colour.

Films (Top 3):

Pulp Fiction – A true masterpiece with surprising twists and subplots. I have watched it numerous times and still discover new things and meanings hidden within the film.

Forrest Gump – Tom Hanks at his best. For me his greatest film. I love how the story unfolds and combines major world events with the life of Forrest Gump.

Gangs of New York – Daniel Day Lewis (Bill the Butcher) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Amsterdam) combine to produce a classic film giving a glimpse of what life may have been like in 1860’s New York.

Music (3 tracks/albums to take on Desert Island):

3 albums to take on a desert album:

The Queen is Dead – The Smiths. One of few albums I can happily listen to from start to finish. “I know its over” is my favourite song on the album.

Definitely Maybe – Oasis – this album defined a generation. One of the greatest debut albums of all time.

AM – Artic Monkeys – “Do I wanna Know” is probably my favourite Artic Monkeys song. A great song to kick off the album with.


My three favourites of all time are:-

Pheonix Nights – classic, light-hearted comedy by the best comedian of our generation. What’s not to like?

Breaking Bad- gripping from start to finish. Walter White is probably my favourite fictional character. Watching him evolve from a “meek and mild” high school teacher to Heisenberg, a leading figure in the drug trade made for great TV.

Succession – a great series to watch. Dominated by Brian Cox and his character Logan Roy. You could feel his presence from the TV screen.

Podcasts you listen to/recommend:

I have listened to many of the High Performance Podcast episodes. The guests of the show are interesting characters with different views of high performance and how that works in everyday life.

My favourite episode was with Robin Van Persie. In the episode he explains the advice he once gave to his son. I wont spoil what he said here. Give it a listen!


Starter: King prawns in garlic

Main: Fillet steak, chips and salad

Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream

Holiday destination:

Menorca – as a family we have been going to Menorca for over 40 years. We love it. A home from home.

Favourite book:

How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie.

Published in 1936 and still relevant today. The book focuses on how you can change other people’s behaviour simply by changing your own. It teaches principles to better understand people, become a more likable person, improve relationships, win others over, and influence behaviour through leadership.

3 people for a dinner party and why?

Sir Alex Ferguson – to learn from the best in people management.

Eric Cantona – an enigma. one of a kind

Julius Ceasar – a fascinating man. Full of knowledge and history

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