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Archive for April 19, 2022

Crypto-assets & Tax: NFTs, mining and other transactions (Part two)

Andy Wood

Andy Wood is a tax adviser and Barrister with ETC Tax. His clients include entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, sports persons and entertainers and private companies. He believes passionately that all clients should get clear and decisive advice that should be delivered in plain English.


This is the second and final article in this series. In the first, I considered fungible tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In this part, I consider Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTS”), crypto-mining activities and other miscellaneous crypto activities. I also touch on compliance.

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Commercial rent arrears: the new law


Andrew Koffman

Guy Pattison

Guy Pattison

Late March saw the end of some long-standing temporary changes in the law due to COVID-19, and the introduction of some new ones!  Commercial landlords and tenants are affected.

From early in the first lockdown in 2020, commercial landlords were banned from exercising most of the usual remedies available to them to enforce rent arrears that fell due during the period of the pandemic, as a measure to protect tenant businesses.

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