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Mediation – a less costly way of resolving civil disputes


The Law Gazette recently shared this article titled ‘Low-cost Manchester mediation pilot aims to ‘fill a gap’ which discusses a new initiative involving the launch of new a pilot scheme encouraging mediation as a less costly way of resolving civil disputes.

Nick Harvey Partner and Head of Litigation, comments on this recent article, whilst discussing Bermans new dispute resolution product – Escalate.

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Will I get my costs back now?


In February we shared this article which discussed recovering costs lost in legal disputes.

Lord Justice Jackson has now published his review of civil litigation costs.

A regime of “fixed recoverable costs” had been expected for all civil claims up to £250,000 in value, with a table setting out how much the winner could recover from the loser towards their costs. This would have had a major impact on the economics of resolving disputes in court.

In fact the recommendations are somewhat diluted and more flexible. He has proposed the following.

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How FinTech could be the future of your business

Catherine Lo cropped

‘FinTech’ or financial technology is a phrase increasingly used in the media, the finance sector and the business world in general. In the broadest sense, financial technology is any technology that is used and applied in the financial services sector which improves the delivery of financial services. But what does that mean and why should you care that it is one of the fastest growing areas for venture capitalists or that the sector generated almost £7billion revenue in 2016?

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Phoenix Company regulation with teeth?


The Neuberg family operated a business producing light metal products and traded under the name Neuberg Metal Spinners for many years. In 1998 a company operated by Mr Neuberg called Neuberg Metal Spinners Limited went into liquidation. Despite this, the family business continued to trade under the name Neuberg Metals but through a new company, Watergate Services Limited, of which Mrs Neuberg was the sole director and secretary.

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