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How FinTech could be the future of your business

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‘FinTech’ or financial technology is a phrase increasingly used in the media, the finance sector and the business world in general. In the broadest sense, financial technology is any technology that is used and applied in the financial services sector which improves the delivery of financial services. But what does that mean and why should you care that it is one of the fastest growing areas for venture capitalists or that the sector generated almost £7billion revenue in 2016?

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Bermans new starters round up

At Bermans we are committed to continual development to ensure that our clients have access to the best service possible. Our recent additions to the firm reflect this and our dedication to providing high quality services to our clients.

Read on to learn more about Bermans recent new-starters.

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Are you a person with significant control of a business? Be aware of new legislation


The PSC or ‘persons with significant control’ register is a new statutory register which will effect UK Companies and LLPs from 6 April 2016 that will form part of the statutory books of the company. The register will contain details of ultimate beneficial owners and controllers, and details of company’s holding, which will ensure this information is available to the public.

The public availability of the register targets the Government’s objective to achieve transparency in the legal and beneficial ownership of UK companies, aiding the fight against tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing. Furthermore, the Government’s ‘transparency’ provisions are hoped to develop a climate of confidence amongst companies and consumers alike.

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