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Archive for October 24, 2019

Standstill Agreements

When is it okay to be out of time?

It is not unusual for parties and their legal advisers to agree, despite time limits set out in legislation, to disregard these time limits to give them an opportunity to try and agree their dispute without court proceedings. If they manage to do so they save significant sums on court fees and other associated costs of bringing the claim. If they don’t settle their dispute, they still have the option to pursue their claim, even if the time limits set out in the legislation has expired. Such agreements are referred to as ‘Standstill Agreements’.

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The Power of Podcasts


Article by Guy Kilty,  Founder of Dap Dip podcast production and experienced journalist, broadcaster & podcaster.

As you may have heard, podcasts are booming.

The number of people in the UK listening to them every week has doubled to six million over the last five years, and it’s not going to stop there.

Globally, listener numbers are forecast to grow more than six-fold over the next four years to more than 1.8 billion, on top of all that, the rise in popularity of branded podcasts – those that are backed by companies – has been marked.

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Is the blockchain compatible with the GDPR?

In recent years, two popular topics of conversation have been the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the blockchain. The GDPR is legislation which provides new protection for individuals in relation to their personal data. The blockchain is a variant of distributed ledger technology, which some people believe will create new business models, cut costs, and provide new ways of verifying identity.

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Will I get my costs back? Update


Andrew Koffman

We shared this article in February 2017 and then this article in July 2017, which explained the current rules on recovery of costs by the winner of a court action from the loser. It had been proposed to introduce a “fixed recoverable costs” regime for business and other civil disputes, similar to the one for minor personal injury claims.

Two years on, what if anything has changed?

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