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Are You Ready For A Tribunal Fee-Free World?


July 2013 heralded the introduction of fees in the Employment Tribunals (ETs) and Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), with the Government proclaiming its aims were to discourage claimants from pursuing weak “nuisance” claims and to reduce the cost of the system to the tax. While at first glance these would seem to be perfectly reasonable objectives, there was in fact a steep drop in the level of claims by around 66-70%, with ACAS reporting that 1 in 10 potential claimants that contacted them decided against issuing a claim specifically because they could not afford the fees, which at up to £1,200 were not insubstantial.

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Take control of your lease


Many businesses will take on business premises for a fixed time period and then only consider important milestone dates once they arrive, sometimes using a reminder from their landlord as a trigger.

Bermans can help you take control of the process and put you in a better bargaining position with your landlord by considering all options.  We are offering a FREE lease review service and have created this simple step by step guide to help you.


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Contracting as a Supplier – Precautions and Pitfalls


Suppliers will often not consider on what basis they are contracting for the supply of goods or services. This may be as they feel they can deliver on the contract and so there is no risk. Often, the issue for many is that they do not foresee a potential liability arising. Others may believe that they are contracting on their standard terms of business, though often these are not brought to the attention of the customer, either at the point of contracting, or at all. This note examines the potential issues facing a supplier through lack of a suitable contract.

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