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What protection do I have as a shareholder?


All shareholders in UK companies have certain rights in relation to their shares and in relation to the company. Whilst the precise rights that a shareholder enjoys will vary depending on the size of their shareholding (the larger the shareholding, the greater the number of rights enjoyed by the shareholder), certain basic rights and protections apply regardless of the number of shares held.

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The Player

gareth-farrelly-3Football at an elite level is fast moving – image rights, agent & transfer fees, player wages, sponsorship monies, ticket prices and so on increasing exponentially year on year. It shows no sign of slowing, nor will it as the increased cost of the global broadcasting rights counters the reduced price paid domestically.

With increased wealth in the game, not surprisingly, there are a far greater number of purported ‘professionals’ seeking access – Players, managers and agents take care!!

As a former professional footballer myself (and qualified lawyer) who suffered (and is still affected) at the hands of immoral and exploitative advisers, I speak from a position of personal experience and authority. I have a mission to root out negligent, bad advice in the sector.

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Escalate wins major collaboration award


Escalate, the ground-breaking commercial dispute resolution process, has been named ‘Best Collaboration Initiative’ in The Lawyer Awards 2018.

This is the second national award that Escalate has won in the past 12 months, having previously triumphed in the ‘Innovation of the Year’ category at the British Accountancy Awards last autumn.  The process was also highly commended at the recent Legal Week Innovation Awards.

Escalate helps SMEs to achieve a prompt settlement to a wide range of commercial disputes, with fixed fees payable only on a successful outcome and no upfront costs.

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What are my duties as a director?


If you are a director of a limited company in the UK, then you owe a wide range of duties to that company. Breaches of duty can give rise to personal liability and, in some cases, criminal sanctions so a proper understanding of your duties and responsibilities is essential.

Often, a director will be ignorant of his or her responsibilities (or some of them). Sometimes, a director will also be a shareholder and/or employee of the company and this can lead to confusion as to how the director is to exercise his or her powers. Both of these situations can lead to serious problems if they result in breaches of the director’s duties, whether those breaches are deliberate or not.

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30 Years a Solicitor


Article by Andrew Koffman, Litigation Partner

1 October 1987, a typical grey autumn day in Manchester, a far cry from the hurricane-strength winds that buffeted Britain exactly 2 weeks later. But a big day for me; after 6 years of study and training, I was finally admitted as a solicitor. I had a moderately exciting morning serving a search order on a defendant although the location (a block of multi-storey flats) was about as unglamorous as it could get!

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Mediation – a less costly way of resolving civil disputes


The Law Gazette recently shared this article titled ‘Low-cost Manchester mediation pilot aims to ‘fill a gap’ which discusses a new initiative involving the launch of new a pilot scheme encouraging mediation as a less costly way of resolving civil disputes.

Nick Harvey Partner and Head of Litigation, comments on this recent article, whilst discussing Bermans new dispute resolution product – Escalate.

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Will I get my costs back now?


In February we shared this article which discussed recovering costs lost in legal disputes.

Lord Justice Jackson has now published his review of civil litigation costs.

A regime of “fixed recoverable costs” had been expected for all civil claims up to £250,000 in value, with a table setting out how much the winner could recover from the loser towards their costs. This would have had a major impact on the economics of resolving disputes in court.

In fact the recommendations are somewhat diluted and more flexible. He has proposed the following.

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